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Nursing Care Plan For Constipation

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Nursing Care Plan For Nursing Diagnosis: Constipation

Nursing Diagnosis: Constipation


Decrease and difficulty of passage of hard and dry stools.

Defining Characteristics:

1. Dry and hard feces.
2. Difficult passage of feces.
3. May be complete absence of peristaltic movements.
4. Headache.
5. General body weakness.
6. Feel pain on passing stool.
7. Colour of feces may be darker.
8. Mass on abdomen may be felt.

Related Factors:

1. Any injury to spinal cord.
2. Low level of liquid intake.
3. Long term use of purgatives.
4. Increased weight.
5. Lack of physical activity.
6. Low intake of fibers diet.
7. Discomfort of abdominal region.
8. Mental status is disturbed.

Nursing outcomes:

1. Normal peristaltic movements of bowel.
2. Stool should be soft and easy to pass.
3. Abdominal pain or any discomfort should be treated.
4. Absence of pressure during passage of feaces.

Nursing Interventions and rationale:

1. Daily liquid intake must be encouraged.
Rationale: Liquid intake makes stool soft and easy to pass from intestine to outside.

2. Lifestyle changes such as quitting narcotics drugs.
Rationale: As narcotic drugs causes slow peristalsis.

3. Provide complete privacy to patient to pass stool.
Rationale: As lack of closed bathrooms promotes constipation.

4. Diet rich in fibers such as banana.
Rationale: Fiber diet promotes movement of bowel in intestine.

5. Provide enema and purgatives.
Rationale: To promote passage of stools.

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